Meet one of the sexist men in the game, an operative whose looks would have many women stalking the pages of GQ Magazine, certain to catch another glimpse of him there. Former Marine Ty Sebastian Magirowsky, better known as Ty is fresh off the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center and a new recruit for the Global Shadow Team, GST, a privately held international group of skilled operatives. A young overzealous intern’s actions ignite a dogmatic investigation. It seems Height Media has some secret terrorist ties. Assigned to the high tech financial oversight team, Ty’ s mission is to intercept funds and track down core benefactors. A matrix of double and criss-crosses will alter the course of his life forever when he learns that some assets are possible liabilities. … When he catches up to beautiful and alluring Gitta Donloff, a woman as roofless as she is stunning, he is confronted with a flood of danger, both emotional and physical.

Agent Toliu Stillano, an amber skinned beauty is grieving over the loss of her husband during a botched mission over two years ago. Since then she’s been keeping herself busy with work and being a good mother to the son he left behind. When she’s enlisted to help draw out the very elusive Adianoeta, she discovers a new life of hot lava passion and engages in unimaginable escapades that contradict her mission. Things finally come to a head when she faces off with her lover’s hunter, Ty Sebastian Magirowsky as they both attempt to balance duty and happenstance.

….Now, both can only brace for the aftermath.

Swagger, by Vanessa Morman

Shorter version-

Swagger by Vanessa Morman

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