Special Duty; A Woman’s Work

Special Duty: A Woman’s Work, a novel by Vanessa Morman

-A terrorist cell is operating out of Whistler, Blackcomb, BC, the setting of the 2003 Brotherhood of Skiers, Black Ski Summit, which sets the stage for murder, intrigue and passion on the slopes In an elaborate plan to thwart heighten terrorist attacks from Canadian borders, a joint military and civilian operation is approved to combat security breaches; to protect traditional agencies; CIA, FBI, etc., and the securest vessel in the water. For Air Force Colonel Shebra-Wesley English, a “wartime” soldier hardened by Desert Storm, and the War On Iraq, the implementation of the new Shadow Team to augment the ‘Homeland Security Supplemental Act, is a chance to prove herself capable to the generation of her male counterparts with her ingenuity and high standards in accomplishing the capture of key terrorist; sleeping and active cells. She enlists some very unlikely, colorful, and tenacious candidates for this mission.

CIA man Niece Watson’s long anticipated vacation trip to the Black Ski Summit ends in murder and the disappearance of his sister and the murder of his brother-n-law. To compound matters, he encounters mystery woman Shebra whose renegade actions make him question if she’s friend or foe. His questions mount along with his desire for the masked espionage queen. When love comes calling, together they must develop trust in each other and in their respective missions; they must not allow their ragging passion and lust for one another to blur their logic, while simultaneously preventing that same love from becoming a casualty of war.

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