Scent of a Man

Scent of A Man, by J. Kershaw

A serial male on male rapist is on the loose in the fourth largest city in America, stalking the macho to the gay male, the civilian, the military. Inventive, clever, the attacks fast escalate to become even more gruesome if possible.

A master of deceit, good at keeping secrets and telling lies, Sundance Jones is leery about dating the sultry woman he met in the elevator, former JAG Officer, Crimson Saint James, now assistant D A. But, the attraction is simply too strong to deny himself just one date..

Attorney Crimson Saint James meets a beautiful construction worker with a solid body, but not such a solid alibi when he soon becomes suspected of being the serial rapist. With a suitcase of secrets of her own, coupled with both of their mounting personal conflicts, it doesn’t seem as if she can give him what he request, her trust, not when she feels the truth closing in on her.

With explosive secrets running them both down, fast spiraling out of control, they are soon faced with a treachery that may cost them both their lives and if revealed, can topple some people in powerful positions.

….Now, both can only brace for the aftermath.

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