Running A Muck

Riches to rags drama- a socialite goes homeless, with a taste of class and a host of secrets as “Keeping up Appearances” meets ” The Pursuit of Happiness”. Well, there’s absolutely nothing funny about being homeless, unless you reside at ‘Almost Home’ a homeless shelter where you will find a couple of unmanageable snobs who actually, have not.

Resourceful, Richee Cyperian, a real estate agent affected by a downturned market is now showing multi-million dollar homes to others, though she’s homeless. She’s also been relegated to being a thrift shop queen, or as she prefers to call it, a consignment boutique connoisseur. From riches to rags, she and her estranged husband fell victim to an investment scam that ultimately resulted in a separation..then into the streets. Keeping up appearances, as well as maintaining her ‘sexy’ is a priority for the well-preserved, Richee who insists on sometimes being pampered, shelter life or not. So, she alternates from the shelter to her car or borrowing time at a property listing when she needs some ‘me time’, or to her climate controlled storage unit, containing neatly hung designer clothes and shelves of designer shoes. Following a day on the grind, dealing with outlandish antics of her follow homeless folks, or a hard day of life and school for daughter Irerion, the storage place is where they hash out their differences or dilemmas, with heads pillowed on their joint baggage.

One thing Richee hadn’t counted on is becoming involved with them; ‘the perpetual homeless’, or finding love where she now lay, like a diamond in the rough.

Running A Muck speaks to family value, hope, hopelessness, social class, and the political waltz.

Running A Muck, by Vanessa Morman

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