On My Knees

smgdownload340 Feb. 22 14.57A highly publicized investigation rips at the already strained seams in the fabric of a family whose dealing with a crisis at the onset. Still, Reverend Garland Archer’s family is challenged even further when his son, Minister Indigo Mays leaves the church. Indigo starts his own ministry; On My Knees Praise Center after failing to talk his father out of implementing several`outlandish measures brought to him by a roving money-grubbing church consultant.- Now, an aggressive and dogmatic George Charlie, Ranking Senator on the Senate Finance Committee. Complicating matters ….Amethyst Winston. Amethyst Winston, “Am” may be considered a killer by some, by others a law abiding, government operative. But, what does God say? She has taken several lives in the legal, covert realm. She’s never questioned her intimate relationship with God, feeling like her chosen profession is alright in His eyes. Circumstances now bring love with an unlikely partner; a minister. After her dangerous lifestyle collides with his, will he be able to love a woman with blood on her hands and have her as First Lady of OMK? Or, will his convictions and firm belief that “Thou Shalt Not Kill’ tear them apart? Will Amethyst continue to deceive her friends, disregard her passions for the pastor of OMK and walk away from love? Or…. can she have it all……?

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