Konflict of Interest

Konflict of Interest, by Vanessa Morman

-1st Installment of the Whisper Series Title, Konflict of Interest- U.S. Air Force Captain Yani Bowe’s transitional plans are derailed when she witnesses an execution that leads to her kidnapping. She’s inadvertently drawn into a covert, yet regal world of politics, treason and a Joint FBI-CIA operation. Eventually her true patriotism is tested as she seeks to disconnect her feelings for an American businessman with terrorist ties.

Alec Poore’ gives the beautiful woman that witnesses him execute man one option; marry me or die; a move that could prove counter-productive…or worse, fatal. When his bride’s hostilities, violent temper and manipulation escalates, he must juggle his emotional and physical desires in order to outwit his cunning captain. But, when his sultry prisoner turns up the heat, she ignites a fire that might just get them both burned. Will they consummate their mock marriage? Will he fully surrender his heart or neutralize her and the heat she’s generating? A host of conflicts, personal and political are magnified times ten in this intelligently written, wrenchingly clever tale that exposes a political agenda much larger than the key players and their dangerous passions.


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